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Screen flows

See the actions users perform on each screen, where they tap and how they navigate within your app.


Know where users are tapping on each screen. Understand their browsing habits and improve conversion.

Crash replays

Reproduce any crash with just one click and solve even the tiniest bugs that are causing your users to leave your app.

AI-powered insights

Get automatic human language suggestions based on AI-powered pattern analysis. Coming soon!

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Our SDK integration requires just a single line of code. No manual event tracking. No impact on your app’s performance.

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Once your app is connected and online, you will start seeing audience engagement and actual user behavior.

Our users love Inapptics

Matt Teece

Matt Teece Senior Developer at Mad*Pow
Design Agency

"As an agency we are trusted advisors to our customers. Inapptics provides a deep insight to understand how our customer’s end-users use their apps and helps us shape a better experience."

Pawel Kata

Pawel Kata Owner at Ajfek Software

"Inapptics really takes care of many things for me. Right now my stack is Parse, Fabric and Flurry. You could reduce this to Parse + Inapptics."

Andrew Lombard

Andrew Lombard Founder & CEO at Binary Works
Mobile Development

"Inapptics has given us key insights to how a user journeys through our app as well as areas that require our attention. The tool helps us work towards continually simplifying our UX as well as better understand our end users and their needs."

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