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Inapptics is a real-time app analytics platform that helps you track user behavior
and get actionable insights to improve your app

inapptics app analytics

3 steps to get you started with Inapptics

Sign up

Create your free account using your email or simply sign in with your Google account. Start enjoying Inapptics today!

Add an app

Add a new app and integrate our SDK with only one line of code. No need to manually add any tracking points.

Get insights

Visually analyze how people navigate in your app, understand your users better, and improve accordingly.

Get the most out of your app analytics

Gain insights into user behavior, improve your app, boost app engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Screen flows

Analyze user journeys in your app. Learn which flows are the most popular, most crashed or most recent. Understand the issues your users are facing and see if they take the flow you have envisioned when designing the app.
inapptics app analytics


Understand which are the best performing areas of your app and which are less attractive to your users. Explore the user’s browsing habits and see which buttons actually work and which ones are being ignored.
inapptics app analytics
inapptics app analytics

Crash replays

Automatically catch all the crashes in your app. No more guesswork, no more digging into crash logs to see what happened and asking users what they did that resulted in a crash. Seamlessly replay crashed sessions. All of them!

Users list

Imagine you could see a comprehensive list of all your app users and their actions. You can do this with Inapptics! Browse through user sessions to see how often they use your app, how much time they spend in it and what they did last before leaving your app.
inapptics app analytics

Stop guessing what users do in your app

More awesome goodies

One-line integration

Integrate our SDK with a single line of code. You don’t have to manually add tracking points. We do it all for you automagically!

AI-powered insights

Get notifications when something interesting is happening in your app. We are currently working on an AI-powered engine that analyzes usage patterns in your mobile app and notifies you every time something exciting is going on there.

Minimal footprint

Inapptics SDK is super lightweight, it’s just 4 MB. Most of the time it works in the background and doesn’t impact your app’s performance.

Privacy on top

Never worry about privacy issues. Inapptics automatically blurs all the screenshots it takes. We understand that privacy of your users is paramount.

Slack integration

Integrate our app analytics with the tools you already love and use! Our Slack integration allows getting instant notifications about new crashes in your app.

Amazing customer support

You got questions? We got answers. No need to fill in long and boring support tickets. Instead, simply drop us a line via online chat. We will get back to you ASAP!
inapptics app analytics

Successful case study

See how Inapptics helped e-commerce app PRIMO discover issues in their app onboarding. In just 3 weeks, PRIMO managed to tackle the problem and regain 15% of their app users. This is the power of a visual mobile app analytics!
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