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Product Features

Our visual mobile analytics provides the visibility that allows you to see how people use your app, where they tap and how they navigate. Get insights on user behavior and improve your app to boost engagement, conversions and revenue.

Screen flows

See how people navigate in your app. Learn which user flows are the most popular ones, bottlenecks or higher converting. Understand the problems users face in your app and see whether they take the flow you have envisioned when designing the app.

Screen flows
Visual funnels

Visual funnels

Visually measure how customers move from screen to screen. See the number and percentage of users who complete an important path in your app. Unlike traditional funnels, we don’t just show how many users have successfully achieved the goal, but also show you what happened to the users that didn’t complete the goal.


Use heatmaps to understand where users are tapping on each screen or which parts of the screens are more interesting. Analyze their browsing habits and see which call to action buttons are more effective or which are the ignored ones.

Crash replays

Crash replays

Inapptics automatically detects crashed sessions and shows the exact steps that led to the crash. No more guesswork or asking your users which actions they performed. No more looking at crash logs and trying to figure out what happened. Reproduce any crash with just one click.

Users list

Imagine you can see what the user did the last time just before abandoning your app. Now it’s possible with Inapptics. Browse through all the sessions performed by a particular user and see what they did in your app from day one.

User list

Stop guessing what users do in your app

Powerful Features

One-line integration

Integrate Inapptics SDK with just one line of code. No need to manually add tracking points. We track all available events in your app. Automagically.

AI-powered insights

Get human language notifications about your app’s performance. Improve your app based on the suggestions from our smart AI engine. Coming soon!

Minimal footprint

Inapptics SDK is super lightweight, it’s just 4 MB. Most of the time it works in the background and doesn’t impact your app’s performance.

No privacy issues

We are very sensitive and conscious of security and privacy. Inapptics automatically blurs the screenshots it takes, hence no private or sensitive information is visible.

Slack integration

Inapptics integrates with the tools you already love and use! Add our Slack integration and get instant notifications about new crashes in your app.

Realtime in-app analytics

Get real-time analysis of user behavior without predefining any events. Measure actions performed by your users on each screen with simple and powerful visual reports.

Case study

See how Inapptics helped shopping app PRIMO discover issues in their app’s onboarding flow. In just 3 weeks they were able to identify the issue, quickly fix it and regain 15% of their users. This is the power of visual user behavior analytics!

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